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Prof. Rhonda Sofer

Director of International Programs

Gordon Academic College of Education


Prof. Rhonda Sofer

Prof. Rhonda Sofer, holding a PhD in Anthropology, established and oversaw the International Center at Gordon Academic College for 13 years. During her tenure, she initiated and guided two significant EU-funded projects: DOIT, which aimed at multicultural education and cultural diversity, connecting 21 institutions across seven countries, and CURE, focusing on civic education and democratic principles in Israel and Georgia, involving 17 institutions in six countries. Under her leadership, GACE also participated in 11 other EU Capacity Building programs and over 25 EU mobility exchange initiatives.

As the current Director of International Projects at GACE, Prof. Sofer is responsible for grant management, having successfully written and led bids for UNICEF and the World Bank tenders. She directed a project for UNICEF to enhance inclusive education in the country of Georgia and steered GACE's team in advising Armenia's New Center for Educational Development and Innovation for the World Bank. Her work not only showcases her leadership in international education projects but also her commitment to educational improvement and innovation globally.

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