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Prof. Konstantinos Petridis

Vice Rector of Internationalization

Hellenic Mediterranean University


Prof. Konstantinos Petridis

Research Profile
Konstantinos Petridis has extensively researched the development of continuous wave laser systems, laser matter interaction, and the innovative use of perovskite in gas and high-energy detectors, laser devices, and solar cells. He has also explored the potential of graphene-based gas sensors and applied Scrum methodology, virtual exchanges, and internationalization strategies within the context of Higher Education.

Research & Grants
Petridis has been actively involved in significant research initiatives throughout his career, including three Horizon 2020 projects: LEAF-2D FET, the Graphene Flagship Core projects 1, 2, and 3, and the HiPER Project. He has contributed to ten national research projects and has played a pivotal role in coordinating 13 Erasmus programs, participating in a total of 17. His efforts have successfully attracted over €10,000,000 in funding for educational activities at HMU in the last decade.

Petridis has made substantial contributions to the academic world with 52 peer-reviewed papers and 3 book chapters, receiving over 1800 citations. His research impact is highlighted by an h-index of 23 on Google Scholar and 21 on Scopus Scholar, underscoring his significant contributions to his fields of study.

Administration Roles
In the realm of academic administration, Petridis has held several key positions at HMU. He is currently the Vice-Rector of Internationalization & Extroversion, a role he has held since 2023, and the Director of the International Relations Office since 2020. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Study In Greece as of 2023. His responsibilities have included overseeing the internationalization of HMU studies and programs, serving as the General Secretary of the ATHENA European University, and coordinating European University ATHENA's contributions, focusing on Governance and Dissemination work packages. He has also been instrumental in coordinating the European Universities Generation Two sub-group for Staff and Student Engagement and previously served as the Erasmus Coordinator for the Department of Electronic Engineering and the Director of the Ethics and Research Committee at HMU.

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