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Dr. Elena Mizrahi

Managing Director of Virtual Exchange Center, Teacher Trainer, Lecturer, COIL/VE Instructor

Virtual Exchange Center, Technion, Western Galilee College


Dr. Elena Mizrahi

Dr. Elena Mizrahi is a teacher trainer and a CELTA qualified English instructor since 2005 (with multiple awards for Excellence in Teaching). She holds her PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Haifa and teaches a wide range of undergraduate and MEd courses in higher education institutions in Israel. Elena is a pedagogical consultant and a speaker at national and international conferences, focusing on Second Language Acquisition, Innovative Pedagogies, and the integration of AI and Technology in Education. Her expertise includes COIL, leveraging AI for pedagogical innovation, and pioneering Virtual Exchanges in higher education. As a founder of Virtual Exchange Training Center, she promotes Internationalisation, Virtual Exchanges, COIL and EMI courses in higher education and represents Cambridge University Press and Assessment in Israel.

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