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Assessment Design in the Age of AI

Embracing Change. Enhancing Learning. Redefining Standards in Higher Education. A Practical Guide.

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About the training

🌐 Join us at "Assessment Design in the Age of AI" – where education meets innovation! 🌈 Tired of the same old approaches? Our course is a breath of fresh air! We harness the magical powers of AI, blending it seamlessly with effective pedagogy to revolutionize assessment design. This course will empower you and your students, taking learning outcomes to new heights. 👩‍🏫 Redefine your teaching experience! Master innovative AI tools and rekindle the magic in your classroom, empowering students like never before. 🛠️ Frustrated with the AI tools that didn't deliver? It’s not about the tools; it’s about how you use them, anchored in solid pedagogy. That’s our secret sauce! 🕵️‍♂️ Overwhelmed by too many options? We cut through the clutter, focusing on what truly matters in AI-assisted assessment. ⏰ Why Now? Our expertise is your gateway to unlocking AI’s potential in education. 🦋 How does this work? It’s not just a set of instructions; it's a journey of transformation. Join us live on Zoom for a 4 hour course (all registered participants will receive the recording and course materials on Google Classroom). Experience the change in your teaching and assessment methods, and see the impact on your students. 🌟 Ready to leap? Easy Start, Massive Gain. You can try to navigate it alone, or join us and thrive together in the age of AI. ***************************************** -----Dr. Elena Mizrahi, a CELTA-qualified English instructor since 2005 and award-winning teacher, holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Haifa. She has extensive experience in teacher training and teaching undergraduate and MEd courses. Her research areas include second language acquisition and innovative educational technologies. As the founder of the Virtual Exchange Center, she focuses on promoting internationalization, virtual exchanges, and EMI courses. -----Lana Kandybovich is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She has taught every age group and every skill level, and conducted teacher training and spoken at many national and international conferences. She works as an expert in the areas of impact assessment, leadership teacher training and is currently leading the English Policy Project in Montenegro. Lana is an avid blogger who loves to share her ideas about teaching and learning and professional development with other teachers and teacher educators.

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