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Our Past Events

Take a moment to browse through our past events, which have offered valuable learning and networking opportunities for educators and professionals. Our previous gatherings have provided rich forums for knowledge exchange, skill development, demonstrating our commitment to continual growth in the field of international education. The experiences and knowledge gained continue to resonate, informing current and future initiatives.


AI Playground

27 במרץ 2024

AI Impact

1st International Student AI Conference

19 במרץ 2024

AI Playground - BriskTeaching

4 במרץ 2024

AI Playground

21 בפברואר 2024

AI Playground

Moodle Quizzes with AI

31 בינואר 2024

AI Playground

17 בינואר 2024

Internationalization Study Day

Online event for higher education professionals

25 במרץ 2024

Ethics and AI

with Dr. and Adv. Lavi Sigman

5 במרץ 2024

AI Playground

AI tools for mindmaps and more

28 בפברואר 2024

AI Playground

Moodle Quizzes with AI (part 2)

7 בפברואר 2024

AI Playground

24 בינואר 2024

AI Playground

Nolej for teachers

20 בדצמבר 2023

What Our Participants Say

Office Furniture

Miriam Regenboog, EPIC teacher

"I enjoyed the webinar tremedously mainly because it did not focus on theorethical issues but on doable AI practices. I learned a lot. Hope I can implement it successfully. I would like to have more."
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