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Marketing Communication in the digital age

Duration of VE/COIL


CEFR level

About the Course

A course for undergraduate students who are in the second year of their studies. In this course we explore the field of marketing communication and the way in which businesses and associations inteact with their audiences. We investigate key concepts and strategies for branding and online image management. We explore the world of advertising, public relations and sales promotion, as well as the effects of the big data revolutions, the collaborative economy and artificial intelligence on the field of marketing communication.

Learning Outcomes

1. Identify key models, theories and concepts in the field of marketing communication
2. To link different communication strategies and the achievement of organizational goals and objectives
3. Understand and plan a strategic plan for marketing communications
4. Get to know and understand the customer experience and the customer journey
5. To plan and implement an advertising-marketing campaign for a business or association.


Yezreel Valley College


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