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Allon Nuriel


Talpiot-Hadassa-Colman, etc...


My name is Allon: currently living in Jerusalem, Israel. Married + 4. I am originally from South Africa.

My academic background is a BSocSci in Psychology (Hons.) + PGCE in Primary Education (Both of these at the University of Cape Town - and more recently, an MA in Clinical Linguistics from Bar Ilan University.

I was a primary school teacher for a few years in South Africa, and then , moving to Israel, I slowly found my way to teach English at various academic colleges around the country.

I teach various EPIC courses (different levels) mainly at academic colleges here in Israel, either via Zoom, when necessary - or I travel there to teach. I teach pre-academic course English; and also EPIC courses within various degree programs, at Hadassa Academic College; Talpiot College of Education; "Colman" College of Management, and other institutions.

I am able to use various electronic/online platforms, and am happy to learn new ones. I have a Linkedin profile but haven't updated it for a while; I prefer using old fashioned email for communication.

I would love to teach an English course as a guest lecturer in another country; or, in collaboration with other teachers, where we might create collaborative virtual exchange initiatives. or, I am just happy to learn how others are doing this.

Looking forward to collaboration. Very interesting stuff!

Allon Nuriel
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