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הקורס הסתיים

14 בפבר׳ 2023 - 28 בפבר׳ 2023

AI-Assisted EFL teaching - February challenge


Looking for ways to make your teaching more effective and engaging? Look no further than our February AI Challenge! We will explore a wide range of AI tools and solutions to integrate them into our teaching already this spring semester! With the help of AI, we will continue aligning our teaching materials with CEFR, revise our syllabuses, assessment, rubrics, lesson plans, etc. Whether you're looking to utilize chatGPT or create your own images, digital stories and videos, or simply come up with new ideas to make your students more actively engaged while using the AI technology in the classroom, let's do it TOGETHER! Live. Online. On Zoom. Ferbuary 2023 Challenge to plan AI-Assisted Language Instruction: Every Tuesday, 3-4 pm. With Dr. Elena Mizrahi and Lana Kandybovich. With these easy-to-use new AI tools and our comprehensive support, you'll be able to take your teaching to the next level in no time!

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