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הקורס הסתיים

15 באוג׳ 2022 - 22 בספט׳ 2022

English for International Conferences


International conferences in English: application, networking, presentation language, conference proceedings, first steps towards writing a paper. This workshop will get you prepared for an international conference, from writing an abstract to designing an interesting presentation, to networking. Practical and intensive: 6 sessions over 3 weeks Session 1: where to apply? you will select a few international conferences to apply for; you will choose a journal to apply for; you will narrow down your Research ideas to apply with; you will decide on a title of your talk; networking: you will contact a few colleagues to apply for a paper together Session 2: how to apply? you will write an abstract; you will peer review an abstract; you will send your abstracts to several conferences Session 3: what are different ways I can organize my presentation slides? you will start working on your presentation Session 4: are my slides clear and organized? presentation peer-review; content of the slides; visuals, language for presenting different ideas, signposting, presentation notes Session 5: am I fluent presenting my slides? oral presentation practice and peer-feedback Session 6: ready to write your first/next article in English? you will start writing up your article for a conference publication or a journal of your choice.

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